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Pacifica, California

My husband Anthony and I have been attending his family’s annual reunion trip to South Lake Tahoe since 2014. He has five siblings, three of whom who are married with kids, so it’s usually a pretty big get-together! This year, we brought our then seven-month old daughter Serena along for the ride. Because most of his family is based on the west coast and hadn’t met Serena yet, we decided to extend our time on the other side of the country, spending one week in the Bay Area first.

We rented an Airbnb in Pacifica, and Anthony’s parents stayed with us – yay for live-in babysitters! You may not have heard of Pacifica, which is probably because it’s not typically a destination. Yes, it’s on the ocean and there are beaches, but the beaches are more ideal for surfers than sunbathers; it’s usually pretty foggy. But it’s a super cute area, and an amazing place for those who like being near the water and feeling the cool salty ocean mist brush against your face…perhaps it’s reminiscent of Kramer’s beach cologne.

During our stay, my husband and I stumbled upon Pedro Point Brewing, which actually inspired the creation of this blog. After our experience there, I wanted to tell the world about this place. They have such an incredibly diverse range of beers that there is really something for everyone – my favorites included the Seafarer Saison and Strawberry Lemmynade. I was very skeptical about the Strawberry Lemmynade, as I tend to shy away from beers designed for people who like sweet drinks, but this ended up being a fantastic sour (and not sweet) beer. My husband enjoyed the Juice Tiger and Triple Threat IPAs, both of which had the perfect amount of hoppiness and were not overwhelming in bitterness as some IPAs can be. The best part is, they offer flights of 5oz glasses! I wish everything came in a flight…

Pedro Point also offers the option of purchasing a 32oz can. Great for a beach or other outdoor excursion! (photo credit @pedropointbrewing)

We also ventured into San Francisco to check out the Mission, where Anthony lived for several years. (Sadly, we did not have time to partake in burritos during this trip – until next time, La Taqueria!) That night we were in a wine mood, so we went to 20 Spot, a chill bar with an excellent wine selection. This wine bar was the kind of place that you’d think belongs in Brooklyn until you realize that, if it were in Brooklyn, it would be overrun by hordes of hipsters and make for a far less pleasant experience. 20 Spot is perfect just as it is – I sipped a glass of Cremant and Anthony savored a Petite Syrah.

photo credit @20spotsf

Did I mention that I actually got some work done on our trip?  My law firm is based in Palo Alto, so I commuted from Pacifica that week.  It was in Palo Alto that I came across Daigo, a fantastic, new Japanese restaurant where I had lunch two days in a row…the host actually asked if he’d be seeing me again for a third time, so I had to break the news that I was not local and would not be returning for a little while 😦

Sake Oyako Don

I had the Sake Oyako Don on my first trip – the salmon was lightly marinated and seared and just melted in my mouth. I do wish there had been more salmon, but the cucumber salad and edamame were also delicious. When I returned, I decided to switch to tuna and tried the Tekka Don. The tuna was solid as well, but the salmon was the superior dish. Can’t wait to go back and try something else!

One last treat: my colleague Bruce introduced me to an awesome bubble tea spot, Teaspoon. I was not feeling particularly adventurous, so I stuck with the house milk tea with crystal boba, and it did NOT disappoint. The tea tasted like real tea with real milk, not some powder mix that was made in a factory. The bubbles were perfect – not too firm, not too mushy, with a hint of sweetness. I wish there was somewhere like this in Manhattan…if there is and I just don’t know about it, please tell me!! (And don’t tell me to go to Flushing. Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

photo credit @teaspoonlife

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