Brand Overview: Fine & Raw Chocolate

Freshman year of college, I made it fairly obvious to everyone who lived on my floor that I was a chocolate hoarder. I couldn’t fathom passing on a chocolate sale, and as a result, I had a bag of 100 Lindt truffles hanging from a doorknob inside my room (100 for $25? Who could resist?). One of my desk drawers was filled with Ghirardelli pieces. I swiped a cup of M&Ms every Sunday from my college’s dining hall (there was a bowl of them available to residents as part of the weekly Sunday Sundae bar). Sometimes I like to be frugal.

But sometimes, and oh do I hate to admit this, sometimes you need to pay retail for sweets. Sometimes there are places that don’t have sales or promotions and that don’t offer free shipping. There are a limited number of places from which I would buy retail (nearly all of them will be featured on this blog in the near future).

Fine & Raw chocolate is one of these places. I would pay for full-price chocolate and the $10 shipping that comes with it (which literally ships chocolate from Brooklyn to Brooklyn). Fine & Raw does have a factory in Bushwick, but a wheelchair-friendly route to Bushwick might take me a couple of hours to complete (at least). Shipping means less of a headache.

Fine & Raw describes themselves as, “saving the world through silliness and chocolate.” I can get behind that. Their chocolate products are plant-based, so you now have a fabulous gift option for all of your vegan friends who like chocolate that is intense and not too sweet. A typical bar of Fine & Raw chocolate melts in your mouth, and you don’t need to eat much to feel content. Fair warning, though: this is not a brand for those who gravitate towards milk or white chocolate.

As a disclaimer, I am not about that gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free life. I will happily eat a cream puff or a Boston Cream doughnut for breakfast. I don’t go searching for chocolate treats made with cocoa butter and coconut sugar because I seek a plant-based lifestyle. But my brother-in-law and my sister tried some samples of this brand at a Whole Foods and told me to try it out.

So I did.

And then I ordered products like I was doing a haul or something.

Pictured: A box of truffles, a bar of espresso chocolate, a pack of five one-ounce bars tied together with a shiny gold ribbon, an almond chunky, and two mini hazelnut chunkies (chunkys?).

I mean, at $10 for shipping (I will forever gripe about paying for shipping), I’m loading up my cart to make my purchase worth it.

My haul included a box of truffles ($28), an almond chunky ($7), a mini hazelnut chunky 2-pack ($10), a 2 oz. espresso bar ($8.50), and a signature bar collection ($25).

Five one-ounce bars: from left-to-right: top row: raspberry (67%), cashew butter (54%), sea salt (70%); bottom row: 83%, lucuma & vanilla (67%)

That espresso bar is going to be in every single future order I place at Fine & Raw. It’s great alone, but I also love breaking it up and mixing it in with granola and using it to top yogurt. Nibbling on it throughout a day-long seminar also kept me awake (history can be dry sometimes, okay?).

The mini hazelnut chunky is dense and fabulous. You know that urge you have to eat Nutella out of a jar with a spoon? Eat one of these instead.

I gave the almond chunky to my sister, and the box of truffles went to my brother-in-law. Both were happy with their chocolate.

The pack of one-ounce chocolate bars was split amongst me, my mother, and my father. The lucuma vanilla bar ended up being one of our favorites. In a future order, I included a 2 oz. sea salt bar, which I shared with some of the people in my history program. They asked about the brand, and I launched into a description of Fine & Raw that matches much of what I included in this post.

I like closing out each brand overview with some recommendations if you feel inclined to try this chocolate for yourself (note: I earn nothing when you click anything linked on this site):

  • For those who want their coffee to be as dark as their soul: Espresso bar
  • For those who will never break their Nutella habit: Mini hazelnut chunky (see also this option for anyone who prefers chocolate bars to the size of a chunky)
  • For the indecisive: Five 1oz. Bar pack (see also their Bonnie pack)
  • For those who think chocolate doesn’t need any flavors to go along with it: A bar of 70% (there are lower and higher percentages, but I think the 70% allows you to figure out the level of chocolate intensity that you’d prefer)
  • For those who love dark chocolate, but don’t trust their ability to discern what a single portion of chocolate should be: Classic Truffles

Happy chocolate nomming! If you’d like All of the Best Things in your inbox regularly, feel free to subscribe!


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