Battle of the S’mores Kits: Recchiuti vs. L.A. Burdick

I openly admit to being a city girl stereotype. For example, let it be known that I despise camping. Why on earth would anyone willingly subject themselves to a scenario that potentially could involve swarms of mosquitoes, ants, or even bears (I am aware that a group of bears is not a swarm, but bears are godless killing machines so my fear of bears beats my desire to avoid incorrect technical terms)? No, thank you. Avoiding ominous flocks of pigeons on the sidewalk is more than enough wildlife for me.

Camping does have some appeal, I suppose. I mean, who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows and then sandwiching said hot, oozing marshmallows between chocolate and graham crackers?

I don’t know. It never seemed worth it to me to drive out to a campsite, spend most of the day re-applying SPF and bug spray, and only have a few hours of the night spent with marshmallow-y goodness (during which I will still, STILL, have to reapply bug spray).

Not gonna lie, I have used my stovetop to roast marshmallows before. It gets the job done, but it doesn’t feel like a treat. Instead, it feels like I’m alone in my apartment setting marshmallows on fire. Don’t be alone in your apartment setting marshmallows on fire.

Whoever invented the s’mores kit deserves a hug (and also my money). A s’mores kit contains all the essentials for s’mores, but also turns dessert into a quick and delightful baking project. That’s right – your s’mores are going in the oven! It’s not traditional, but it does ensure that your entire s’more is warm instead of just the marshmallow.

I tested out two different s’mores kits from two places that make their own chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Like anyone else on the internet, I pitted them against each other to see which s’mores kit reigned supreme. I evaluated each kit on packaging, taste, and ease of use.

First up, Recchiuti Confections’ S’mores Kit ($27).

Image Description: The box containing the Recchiuti S’mores kit

Packaging: The s’mores kit comes with a pack of nine marshmallows, eight graham crackers, and a bar of semi-sweet chocolate. I assume this is so you can eat one marshmallow when no one is looking and still have enough to make an even number of s’mores. Now, you could design s’mores two ways: open-faced or as a sandwich. The sandwich is more traditional, but open-faced prolongs the number of graham crackers. I’m all for getting my money’s worth, so I tend to do open-faced s’mores if I’m going to put them in an oven. Plus: Recchiuti gives you instructions on how to properly heat your s’mores!

  • Price per s’more: $3.38 (eight s’mores) – $6.75 (four s’mores, which is what Recchiuti recommends actually)
Image Description: The layout of the Recchiuti s’mores kit after a couple of uses. I put a rubber band around the graham crackers to keep the packaging together. The bar of semi-sweet chocolate is underneath the instructions that come with the kit. I love these marshmallows, but wish they were packaged such that they didn’t stick together so easily.

Taste: So, I’m a dark chocolate fan all the way. The semi-sweet chocolate is wonderful, of course, but Recchiuti used to package their bittersweet chocolate bar in their s’mores kits not too long ago, and I guess I’m a little bit bummed about the change. That said, I love their marshmallows, and the graham crackers are sturdy enough to handle melting chocolate and an inflated marshmallow (because yes, marshmallows puff up in the oven).

Image Description: Recchiuti open-faced s’more, fresh out of the oven. Note that the marshmallow looks like I had to tear it a bit from the other marshmallows.

Ease of use: Recchiuti could make a few adjustments to make this more user friendly. For starters, the marshmallows, however delicious, are quite difficult to pull apart from each other. The bar of chocolate is also exactly the same as the ones that you could buy from Recchiuti, meaning that its design hasn’t been altered for equal portioning.


  • Could make eight s’mores if you go the open-faced s’more route
  • Comes with instructions for baking
  • Extra marshmallow to sneak away


  • Marshmallows difficult to pull apart
  • Chocolate bar design not conducive to equal portions

Next kit: L.A. Burdick’s Gourmet S’mores Kit ($38)

Packaging: This kit comes with six honey graham crackers and six chocolate graham crackers, six marshmallows in three flavors (vanilla, cinnamon Ceylon, and Cassis), and three Burdick dark chocolate bars (half is the suggestion portion for one s’more). This could create six s’mores in sandwich form. For the purposes of this post, I stuck open-faced s’mores in the oven to be consistent (also because I got the munchies and ate a chocolate graham cracker. I regret nothing). The packaging differs from last year’s s’mores kit (pictured below), which had nine marshmallows (vanilla, chocolate, and blood orange), nine chocolate bars (so you didn’t have to break apart bars), and ten graham crackers total (half honey graham, half chocolate).

  • Price per s’more in the current kit: $6.33 (six s’mores total)
Image Description: Individually-wrapped marshmallows and chocolate pieces from L.A. Burdick’s s’mores kit from last summer.

Taste: As mentioned above, I love dark chocolate. Burdick’s dark chocolate is intense, and the perfect way to balance sweet marshmallows. The graham crackers rank about equal with those in the Recchiuti kit. If you’re going to make a decision based on taste, let your preference for Burdick’s dark chocolate or Recchiuti’s semisweet chocolate be the deciding factor. Or if you simply want to know what a cassis marshmallow tastes like, go with Burdick.

Ease of use: Burdick’s kit separates each marshmallow and allows for easier division of chocolate, so it’s definitely no muss no fuss. There are no oven instructions, but you can’t go wrong with 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-5 minutes.

Image Description: Three open-faced Burdick s’mores, pre-oven.
Image Description: Overhead shot of Burdick’s s’more
Image Description: Side view of Burdick s’more

So, which kit would I recommend? Depends on what you’re looking for in a s’mores kit. Burdick’s is easier to use, offers multiple marshmallow and graham cracker flavors, and has a darker and more intense chocolate that accompanies the kit; but also has fewer marshmallows and is a bit more expensive than the Recchiuti kit overall (although it is slightly less expensive when you consider price-per-s’more). But really, you can’t go wrong with either.

If you want something closer to your childhood s’more, but fancier: Recchiuti

If you want to try out different marshmallow flavors and prefer a darker chocolate: Burdick

Thanks for reading! Is there a s’mores kit that you love? Leave a comment below! I love trying different takes on s’mores. If you’d like All the Best Things in your inbox more regularly, feel free to subscribe!


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