Brand Overview: Recchiuti Confections

Recchiuti Confections is based in San Francisco, and I didn’t know of their existence until my sister brought back some of their treats to NYC after she had visited one of their shops. Since then, Recchiuti has become hands down one of my favorite places to order chocolate from around the holidays (or whenever they’re having a promotion). I recently reviewed their s’mores kit, which, although delightful, is not my favorite item from their store. That honor goes to their S’mores Bites, which are sadly not available on their website at the moment. I placed an order and received it a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I’d share what I ordered with you and describe each item.

You may have heard of Recchiuti before from their iconic Black Box. This is the ultimate “I want to send something really great to someone who loves chocolate, but have no idea what to get” gift. Even Wirecutter loves it. I didn’t order it this time around, but I probably will around the holidays.

Image Description: Recchiuti’s Black Box

Right, time for the haul! There was a 15% off sale and discounted 2-Day shipping, so I went a bit nuts.

Image Description: My chocolate haul wrapped in an insulated material in a package.

They wrapped everything in an insulated material, so the chocolate didn’t melt at all in the middle of an NYC heatwave. It was a summertime chocolate miracle.

Image Description: My Recchiuti haul. From left to right: Pates de fruit, cherries two ways, two boxes of gianduja hazelnuts, a Whiskey pairing collection on top of a box of chocolate-covered orange peel, and a package of salted caramel bars coated in chocolate.
Image Description: A box of Cherries Two Ways

These cherries are a must-have in every Recchiuti order. Half of the cherries are Michigan sour cherries, and the other half are candied Italian cherries. They have different chocolate coatings to tell them apart (the Michigan ones are covered in the shinier chocolate). They’re addictive.

Image Description: Two boxes of gianduja-covered hazelnuts.

The gianduja hazelnuts are not always available (including right now, sorry, I can’t seem to find them on the website!), so I bought two of them. Gianduja is basically a darker and fancier Nutella. I love chopping these gianduja-covered hazelnuts and mixing them into my morning yogurt. These are also a fantastic gift for your friend who loves Nutella as much as they love sneaking snacks into movie theaters.

Image Description: Box of chocolate-covered orange peel.

I’ve never ordered the Candied Orange Peel before, but I had one in the Black Box and thought it was amazing. So, naturally, I ordered a whole box of them. These are perfect for a sweet treat after dinner when you want to eat dessert responsibly (and not do what I did earlier today and have two scoops of ice cream).

Image Description: Whiskey pairing collection, which features three kona truffles, three fleur de sel caramel chocolates, and three honeycomb malt chocolates

Recchiuti makes a number of smaller boxes with nine pieces of chocolate, but the Whiskey Pairing Collection is my favorite because it has three pieces of my favorite chocolate: the Kona Coffee. The other pieces of chocolate are delightful as well, but oh, that Kona piece. <cue Homer Simpson drooling gif>

Image Description: Box of Pates de Fruits

I’d never tried the Pâtes de Fruits before, but when I saw there was a tequila lime flavor, I added them to my cart. Unfortunately, I think the ones I ordered were limited edition, but the regular Pâtes de Fruits can be found here.

Image Description: Two Salted Caramel bars covered in chocolate

The Salted Caramel Bars are also not always available, so I got two. These are a salted caramel covered in dark chocolate. They’re intense, but oh so good, and I can’t believe I’m saying that because I grew up not being a huge fan of caramel.

I will continue to have Recchuiti hauls on this blog, because I love their products so much. There are some items that I didn’t order this time around that I definitely will in the future (in part because some of them weren’t available over the summer).

What you should get if:

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